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We would like to thank everyone for their very kind comments and best wishes (they are added as they arrive by email or snail mail - latest entries are inserted at the top of the page). Unfortunately there just isn't room to publish them all in the magazine, so we have chosen to add them to the website.
British troops in reserve

I am a subscriber to the magazine and congratulate you on an excellent addition to history. W. H. Stretton (Cheshire).

May I congratulate you on a first-class magazine, and long may it continue. Richard Crockett (Essex).

My husband and I, although not experts, are interested in the First World War, and are finding the Great War magazine very interesting. Many thanks. Joyce King (Sussex).

I would like to congratulate you on the magazine, it is a fantastic read and I cannot wait for the next issue. Thank you, and keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated. Patricia Betts (Essex).

You and your staff are to be congratulated on turning out the most excellent little magazine, The Great War. I find it very interesting and informative. Thank you. T. M. Reeves (Oxon).

I received recently two issues of The Great War. I've read them both, and I find that your magazine is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks so much for sending them along. I'm very eager to see the next issue. Thom Bassett (Buffalo, New York, USA).

Unknown British Soldiers

I am enjoying the magazine very much and look forward to each issue. Betty Rose (Yorkshire).

Last week a friend lent me her copy of the Great War magazine. I am very impressed with the publication and would like to start my subscription with issue one. Thomas Peacock (York).

Let me congratulate you and your staff for producing a Great Little Magazine, I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to further readings. John Brotherston (Wick).

I look forward to the next issue of your magazine and congratulate you on your initiative. David Lazell (Loughborough).

I notice that you have asked for contributions for your excellent magazine - I hope you will consider mine. Charles Humphrey (Northumberland).

Just want to touch base quickly and tell you how pleased I am with the magazine. I think you have a really good idea and I hope by now you have been flooded with contributions. I like the idea of it being full of 'people stories'. The format is good for taking to bed and reading before lights out! I am looking forward to the next issue. Mark Greenthaner (Australia).

Thank you for the latest issue of The Great War - very informative and a good read. Anthony Child (Leeds).

I very much enjoyed the last issue of The Great War and look forward to further issues. Well done! The letters from young George Adams were very moving. George James (Cheam).

Congratulations and well done! 'The Great War' magazine is superb. It's a timely antidote to all the dry, academic prose that keeps being produced. So many historians seem to forget the human side to the war and I'm glad you're putting matters right! The mix of articles is excellent; I particularly enjoyed reading the letters of Private George Adams. I like the A5 format and the layout. All in all, a first-class job. I took my copy to our East Kent WFA branch meeting on Tuesday and made an announcement extolling its virtues and suggesting that members have a look at my copy prior to subscribing. Many members did have a look, they were full of praise. I wish you every success with 'The Great War' magazine and I look forward to receiving the next issue. Elaine James (Kent WFA).

General Service Wagon

May I say how much I enjoyed the last issue of The Great War - keep up the good work. Sandra Gittins (Devon).

I am pleased to know that my father's exploits in The Great War are of sufficient interest to warrant inclusion in your excellent publication. David Horchover.

I saw your magazine The Great War at our WFA branch meeting last night and I am very impressed. John Nash (Maidstone).

Please find attached an article and details for "The Last Post" which I hope you will consider worthy of inclusion in your very enjoyable magazine. Congratulations again on a project which I hope will be as successful as it deserves. Bill Fulton (Chelmsford).

I would like to say how much I enjoyed my recent copy of the magazine, and I look forward to the next issue. R. Brown (Nuneaton).

A quick note to thank you very much for my copy of the magazine. It looks very good - best of luck with it in the future. Andrew Whitmarsh (Hampshire).

Many thanks for a fine magazine. I look forward to the next edition! May I suggest that in addition to your book reviews you have a web review section as well or perhaps a suggested web resource page. Howard Anderson (Essex).

Congratulations on your excellent magazine. Alun Robertson (Glamorgan).

I have just taken a look at your site and the comments you have received about The Great War magazine. Congratulations on the very complimentary responses you have received, particularly from WFA branches; it must be very rewarding. I look forward to being 'associated' with the magazine when my piece is printed in due course. Rosemary Clarke (Waterlooville).

Relaxing in Reserve

Many thanks for the copy of The Great War. I've read it from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. An excellent magazine and I hope it goes from strength to strength, it deserves to. I particularly enjoyed the letters from Private George Adams to his family. Also, I had no idea that the government took an anti-dog stance during WW1. Look forward to future issues. George Cairncross (Filey).

Thank you so much for the Great War Magazine. I subscribed last week and got my copy 4 days after it left Yorkshire! That's quite amazing as we have just had our 3 day weekend here in the US (Labor Day). Paul Spooner (Vista - California).

I was delighted with the last issue and think it has the right balance of articles, pictures, letters, reviews and ads. I was particularly moved by the letters of Private Adams. His writing is impressively articulate, even when displaying an endearing obsession with his parcels, but the photograph is a constant reminder that the writer was just a boy. Wonderful, thank you. Thanks so much for a great magazine - I can hardly wait for the next one and I hope to contribute before too long! Claire Baldwin (Stowmarket).

Congratulations on the magazine. It looks good to me and I hope it will be successful. Hugh Edwards (Cwmbran).

Congratulations! I only wish it had been available when I was teaching the Great War, the 'personal' stories would have enlivened any lesson on the subject. The book reviews are excellent, far better than the lengthy ones one finds in the 'heavies'. Looking forward to the next issue. Peter Smith (Huddersfield).

It would give us great pleasure to subscribe as my father-in-law was one of the heroes who suffered. We only wish a magazine such as this had been available when he was alive. I also think it's wonderful that you are accepting submissions from all and are not interested in people's ability to write well. Thank you so much. Maureen Reason (Liverpool).

Congratulations on producing your magazine, and I look forward to future editions! I particularly enjoyed Ray Westlake's article on war memorials. The article has prompted me into sending a submission of my own. Best wishes. Chris Nash (Henley-on-Thames).

Shell Damage France 6th Dec 1918

Just a few lines to say thank you for The Great War. It is a great publication. I haven't had the time to read all of it yet - but was most interested in the 'Dearest Mother' letters of Private George Adams. What an experience for a 16-year-old boy! Joy Craze (Pickering).

Many congratulations on the magazine. It is just what is wanted! The First World War was fought by 'people' - your fine magazine is about just that. Ray Westlake (Newport).

Having just received and read the magazine, may I add my voice to what I am sure will be a chorus of pleasure from all your subscribers. I look forward to receiving future issues, and if you can continue to keep them as varied as this one I am sure we shall all find something of particular interest. Brian Holley (London).

Excellent! Eric Langton (Wirral).

Thank you for the review copy of The Great War, I enjoyed reading the magazine as I hope my review shows. I hope the magazine does well and wish to subscribe myself. Tom Morgan (Hellfire Corner).

Have received the magazine today. Excellent look about it, clean and tidy, very well printed, pictures of high quality, and - to my mind the thing that separates the properly done and the rest - consistency in headings, margins, type, etc. I hope The Great War is a success and that it goes from strength to strength. Mike Wilson (Bridlington).

Wounded Soldiers Bermondsey

Having just read the magazine from cover to cover, I wish to congratulate you and your team on a well conceived and excellently produced magazine. I am pleased to subscribe. Again, well done! Bob Church (Lowestoft).

Have just seen a copy - superb! Many congratulations on such a good quality magazine, packed with great content. I can't wait to sit down and read it from cover to cover. Taff Gillingham (Ipswich).

Good luck - I am sure this is exactly what many people are looking for. Richard B. Leake (Thirsk).

What a wonderful idea the magazine is. I would be pleased to be associated with it. I do hope the magazine will be successful, you are quite the people to do it; you have the correct approach to the subject and are quite capable of producing a first-class and value for money publication. Every good wish. Ray Westlake (Newport).

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