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Tommy'The Great War' was launched in September 2001 as a non academic, non elitist, popular magazine dedicated to the men and women of all nationalities who served or lived through the conflict. Our down to earth, inclusive and easy style has gone down extremely well with readers who find our tone and general mix of content to their liking. We tell the stories and accounts of the ordinary men and women at the front and at home.

The magazine is published bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September and November (the actual subscription year runs from September to August). The 76-page, A5 magazine is only available via subscription and is not available in the shops.

The magazine appeals to the widespread general interest in the Great War (First World War) shown by all age groups, and we invite contributions and submissions on all aspects of the war. No sphere of interest is precluded. Contributions in all areas, from letters and prose to memoirs and histories, are judged on content and interest to readers rather than on the ability to write to a professional standard (all material goes through our in-house editorial process). What we do not do is stuff the magazine full of academics and historians seeking to expound their own views and theories - we're not that kind of magazine!

We are particularly interested in the personal stories and experiences of those who served, and in the local history aspects often overlooked by other larger publications, such as the Home Front, Pals and Service soldiers and battalions, animals and women at war, grandfathers' and grandmothers' stories, etc. Photos and drawings are most welcome, especially if illustrating a text contribution. Nothing is precluded and submission is open to ALL.

We greatly welcome material from overseas (outside the UK), provided it is in English.

Regular features include 'The Last Post', a page dedicated as a Roll of Honour to those who served, and subscribers are invited to send in details of names they would like to see included on the list. Names of men and women of any nationality will be accepted provided they served in some capacity during the Great War. The names of those who returned home and who may have no lasting memorial anywhere are particularly welcome for inclusion.

Other features include a regular 'Diary of the War' column, a 'Battle Honours' page, book reviews, 'Roll of Honour' page, 'Bairnsfather Fragment', news and letters pages, etc. There is also a small classified section for the use of readers, historians and researchers, military and regimental museums, etc.

The Great War magazine welcomes approaches from small groups, organisations or associations who would like to discuss making the magazine a part of their package of benefits to their members. This might be of particular interest to those who find it both expensive and time consuming to produce dedicated newsletters or journals and who feel that our magazine may be able to fulfil this role for them by including pages dedicated to their group alongside our regular material. Please contact the editor if you would like to discuss this further.

The easiest way to see if the magazine is right for you is to order a sample copy. The best thing is that, should you then decide to subscribe, we deduct the cost of the sample from the subscription.

Due to a number of repeated requests we have now made our full back archive available in PDF download format for viewing on screen - visit the 'Back Issues' page to find our more. If and when the back issues are 'out of print' the PDF download versions will still be available.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ever growing and enthusiastic readership.

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