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The JADE pages are intended for mature adult viewing only. If you are under 18,
or are easily shocked or offended by material of an erotic or sensual nature, please leave now.

We would like to thank everyone for their very kind comments and best wishes (they are added in no particular order). Unfortunately there just isn't room to publish them all in the magazine, so we have chosen to add a number of them to the website.

The new Jade looks excellent. I'm really pleased you've made it landscape format, so many people stick with portrait format which doesn't suit computer monitors. Being able to publish colour images has really expanded your horizons, and there's some lovely work in this month. Robert Babylon (artist-photographer)

I just wanted to say that issue 43 (June 2008) is another great issue! Dirk Richter

Have just enjoyed the new style Jade . . . wow, it's stunning! The combination of both black and white and colour imagery make for a really professional and 'polished' product ~ good work to all contributors and everyone involved in its production. Karen Middleton (artist)

Thanks for issue 43 (June 2008) my feature looks great! Eve Poland (artist)

I received issue 42 - the article on Dudley is great, the pictures you chose nicely illustrate the variety of his work. In fact the whole issue is terrific! I really like that you don't have to scroll around to see the entire page. Dana Gifford (artist)

A winner! Every page is superb and I am glad I renewed my subscription and love the change from the printed to the screen version - you have made a superb job of keeping JADE at the vanguard of great erotica. Richard Fisher

I am a new subscriber and have really enjoyed my first issue of your great magazine - what a change to get a mature, intelligent approach to erotic material. I plan to stay a reader for years to come (please please stay around for a long time). Ella Connor

The magazine looks terrific! Better than the former black and white paper issues - the colour is great. Outstanding - congratulations! Harry Weisburd (artist)

Simply outstanding! The first issue has exceeded my most optimistic expectations. I was initially skeptical about the change, but viewing issue 41 on a high resolution wide screen, it's just stunning. Congratulations to all concerned! David Burnby

Have spent the past hour reading through issue 41. FANTASTIC! JADE is worth its weight in gold. Paul John Ballard (artist)

Congratulations on the first issue it looks good and was easy to download. John Tisbury (photographer)

WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about the issue. As always, the layout is just amazing and I'm really happy with the image selections you made. Thank you so much! I plan to enjoy these images for years to come. Thanks again. Rebecca Graye (model)


I have just downloaded and opened my first issue of the new style JADE magazine - WOW! Every page is a real pleasure and all the work that has gone into developing the new style has been well worth it. Yet again JADE leads the way in publishing mature erotica for men and women - great images, great art, great stories . . . just great altogether! Allison Roberts

I am a convert! Who would have thought that erotica on screen could be this good. I loved the old style printed JADE, but I love this more! Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the rest of the year with eager anticipation. Tony Allen

The PDF magazine looks great and the colour is outstanding - such quality and clarity. When viewing erotica I am of course a fan of the printed page - the smell and feel of a magazine and its collectiblity. It is something to carry around and read wherever you like. How can one collect an screen-based magazine (save them to the hard drive or CD I expect). However, the PDF version will have its advantages, lower overheads and costs, more frequent publication, instant availability and your distribution may in fact grow tremendously thanks to the internet - and the PDF version will be far more private for those not wanting a magazine sent through the mail for discretionary reasons. As a contributor, I like having printed material of my work, it’s nice to have the magazine to show people. I was in an issue of JADE last year and it was nice to have it delivered, to hold it and to flip through it. Since JADE is and will remain subscription-based and not for sale at news stands I say proceed! I have also had a chance to see the sample PDF version of the magazine on a big flat screen here at my studio and on further analysis . . . Wow! The photos look so much more alive, the detail is astounding. Even I would subscribe to this and that’s not something I say lightly. You’ve done a fine job of the design, keeping it clean and crisp and the photographers’ work really shines. Do it! Outstanding layout and format, this is outstanding. Ellis Martin (photographer)


What a fantastic start to your new season with the PDF style. The colour is fabulous and every page is a winner - you have done both yourselves and your readers proud! John Greene

I was delighted to read in the last issue that JADE is about to join the high tech age and become available as a download direct to my computer. I checked out your sample on the website and was impressed. I will be sorry to see the print version disappear, but am looking forward to 12 issues a year and colour too. I for one will be following you into the 21st century! Sarah Johanson

I can’t wait for the new style JADE magazine to start. I looked at your download sample and the clarity and colour really make a difference. I hope you will maintain the same tone and style as the printed version and continue with mature quality erotica at its finest. Count me in! Billy Pennock

All things come to an end! What a pity though that JADE is to come to a close, only to be replaced with an on-line download version. As much as I like my computer I can’t see myself sitting and reading an entire magazine on screen. I appreciate the reasons you gave in your announcement, and can see the benefits of 12 issues and full colour, and with not having to rely on a less than adequate postal system (all very tempting to be sure), but nothing compares to holding the magazine in your hands and flicking through the pages. I did look at the sample, and was suitably impressed with the quality, it is far better than any other PDF I have ever downloaded. It is clear you have put a lot of thought and effort into producing a very nice screen-based magazine. I am, for the moment, reserving my judgment. I will take a sample copy in April and see what the first issue is like before making a final decision on whether to subscribe (the lower price is also a good incentive). Whatever happens, I want to thank you and the team for the last six years of wonderful erotica. Tony Ellerman


I think you may have captured the mood quite well when you said in your announcement that you could already hear the howls of protest - I am sure the air turned blue around my house for a few minutes. Once I had calmed down, I read your full announcement and can see why you are changing format - even though I am a ‘dyed in the wool’ old timer who thinks books and magazines should be on paper and not on screen. Although in my 70s, I do have a computer (nothing too flash) and am lucky enough to know how to surf the internet. So I decided to take your suggestion and peruse the new format sample. I followed the instructions carefully and downloaded successfully (thanks to my broadband connection). Entered the password and hey presto, full colour JADE. My first reaction was ‘what a difference colour makes’, my second was ‘this is superb’, my third was ‘how do I subscribe to this new format?’. I am so very impressed. The picture quality, even when zooming in, is awesome and the text is crisp and very easy to read. You have obviously put some thought into how the pages would appear on screen as each page filled my screen to perfection without me having to scroll about. I liked being able to click on the pages I wanted to go to and jumping there. I will miss the printed version - but as I approach my 73rd birthday, I am looking forward to the change. Well done! Harold Fisher

I am sure many of your readers will have been very disappointed to read your announcement in the last issue. I have mixed feelings. However, one glance at the sample PDF magazine was enough to convince me that perhaps I should give it the benefit of the doubt. After all, when JADE first began, no one had heard of it and it was an unknown quantity. At least we have a known and well established ‘brand’ to look forward to. You said in your announcement that you intend to stay true to the format and balance of content, which I support. So, the only real change is that we can’t get JADE on paper - ‘boo-hoo!’ But, we will get 12 issues a year for just £20, and in colour and available instantly each month. No more postal strike or flood delays - hurray! I’m in my late 50s and if I can enjoy the change I’m sure many others will too. John Denham


We have been with you from the start and even though we are in our late 60s we have enjoyed every issue. We have a computer and internet so we will be staying with you to see how the new magazine develops. Gloria and Dave Jones

Your new style PDF JADE magazine looks great and I do wish you all the best for it. I would be delighted to appear in one of your issues next year. Norbert Guthier (photographer)

It would be nice from a reader’s point of view if you could do both versions of the magazine, but I suppose that is not possible. I would like to see JADE survive, but not at the expense of content - I have no wish to trawl through pages and pages of sex ads, just so you can keep the magazine going, that wasn’t why I subscribed in the first place. I did so because JADE was refreshingly different and was able to set itself apart from the mainstream. I hope the new PDF style version will do the same and show everyone that it is possible to have good quality erotica available via a computer screen and not just on paper. Good luck! Jack Liddle

I like the new layout of JADE very much, a great job. I would also like to contribute some of my new work, I have shot some very sensual series in the last month. Nora Ness (photographer)

The new magazine looks great - just tell me how I can be part of it! Marco Frissen (photographer)

I like the new look JADE magazine and the use of colour is most welcome as my own work features such things as UV light images which would work well in the digital version of JADE as the images lose their life and vibrancy when converted to black and white. It perhaps means there is something you can do with your PDF JADE which can’t be done by traditional print methods. Robert Babylon (photographer)


With regard your forthcoming change to PDF, my work favours colour so I am broadly in favour. Pity about the demise of the printed version, but in my mind the positives do outweigh the negatives - especially versus JADE ceasing to exist altogether! Marc Byram (photographer)

Just to let you know I will continue to support JADE when it changes format to the new PDF style in April 2008. Good luck with it. Michael Sawyer (photographer)

With regard to the changes to JADE, I’ve always found the feeling of a hard copy in the hand (so to speak) exciting, therefore initially I was very wary of the magazine’s PDF future. However, I think the quality of the sample issue is excellent. As long as you don’t sell yourselves totally to the god ‘colour’ and keep a bit of the traditional black and white you should be okay. On reflection I think it’s a worthwhile step to take. Steve DT (photographer)

I took a moment to look closely at the proposed new format for JADE magazine and quite like what you are doing with it. I would be happy to be a part of it. If there is anything more I can do I hope you will keep me in mind. Gerhardt Thompson (photographer)

I looked over the magazine and I think it looks great! It is so nice to see colour. However, one of the things I’m really fond of with the printed version of JADE is all of the black and white work, so as long as you still keep a fair amount of this I’m all for it. I’m sure that being on-line will greatly reduce costs, and will allow you to have more content and features. Gina King (artist)


I will support JADE no matter what direction you take - I’m a fan as well as a contributor. I must admit that I have a sad feeling thinking that you will only be an on-line presence. To me, I’m always much more proud of the work that makes it to hard copy, and as time goes on, it appears it might be getting harder to do so, especially in quality erotic art magazines such as JADE. I hope all goes well with the re-launch in April. Chuck Stevens (photographer)

I think it’s a great idea for JADE to go to PDF, as it means it can be seen in colour. I would miss it as a printed magazine, e-magazines aren’t quite the same to read. But I look forward to contributing to the new format. Darren M. Gomes (photographer)

Firstly, can I say that whatever direction you decide to take, you would have my support. I still look forward to JADE coming through the letterbox; I still find the content often stimulating - in an artistic sense of course! As a bit of a luddite, I still have a deep suspicion of the internet. I find it cold and transient. I still like to touch and feel things. I read JADE in the living room, bedroom etc. That said, I am totally aware that times move on and it’s quite obvious that the erotic market is very suited to the internet. The anonymity it allows is perfect. The sample version of JADE does look the business. I can see it giving you more control over most things, especially the quantity of content. I get the impression you have enough content for years! The chance to use colour photography (and art) has to be a massive bonus. My initial thought would be whether the web is already saturated with these types of site, but having seen the sample, I think you can offer something different, especially offering all aspects; photography, literature, art etc., as you do now. To get off the fence - I think you should go for it. I would personally find it a sad move, but then I felt the same when I bought my first CD! Craig Oddy (photographer)


The PDF format looks good and of course I'd be willing to support it as with JADE magazine, though I will be very sorry to see the end of the printed version. But I guess web-based is the way forward these days! Good luck with the change. Mike Crawley (photographer)

Of course, like everyone else I’m sure, I’d be sorry to see the end of the hard copy version, but I fully understand the financial pressures this puts you under. I’ll be only too happy to be involved in the PDF version and will continue to add my support wherever I can. The addition of colour will be very welcome to some of your contributors; my latest work has been very colour oriented and I’d be only too happy to submit images to the new format. I look forward to the news that JADE goes from strength to strength. Hector Heathwood (photographer)

The new PDF version looks very good, and should expand your readership considerably. On-line links to and from you will help us all to expand our exposure. Having said this, having the hard copy paper magazine was always nice. I would certainly be happy to submit work to the new format. Dave Hare (photographer)

Like everyone else I suspect, I will be very sorry to see the demise of JADE as a printed magazine. However, having discussed your plans with you over a period of months, and seen the development of the new PDF style version from its inception through to its downloadable sample, I want to assure you of the continued support of the Guild of Erotic Artists. JADE has been a positive pro-active and vocal supporter of the Guild since we began (in the year after JADE was launched). We have enjoyed a constructive and healthy relationship and fully intend for it to continue as you progress into the next phase of your evolution. I know there are a number of our members who will welcome the ability to present their work in colour, especially the artists, whose work often loses its subtleties when converted to black and white. Nowhere in print have Guild members appeared with such frequency and we are acutely aware of the dearth of good quality publications out there which our members can appear in (without having their work exhibited alongside porn and sex ads). I am also aware that the JADE Directory which lists the contact details of all Guild members is unique and I am delighted you will incorporate it into the new magazine. There will be some who do not like the idea of change, some who will not support it and some who will bury their heads in the sand and try to ignore it - but I would remind them that the Guild itself is a dynamic and ever-changing entity as members arrive with fresh ideas and with an abundance of both talent and creativity. On behalf of myself and my fellow co-founders I would urge all our members to throw their considerable talents behind this new venture and help make it a success. Colin Ballard (Secretary of the Guild)

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