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The JADE pages are intended for mature adult viewing only. If you are under 18,
or are easily shocked or offended by material of an erotic or sensual nature, please leave now.



JADE accepts contributions on all aspects of erotica and sexuality, and no area or topic is excluded (unless it is illegal - this means anything featuring anyone below the age of 18, bestiality, rape or torture). Priority for publication is given to members of The Erotic Art Society.

We welcome contributions from everyone and you do not have to be a subscriber, professional photographer, artist, model, sculptor or writer to send in material.

We advise all potential contributors to view the magazine before making submissions.

All contributors and potential contributors should be aware that JADE is not funded by advertising, but relies solely on its subscribers and members of The Erotic Art Society to fund publication, therefore we regret we are unable to offer payment for submissions at this time.

As a contributor, you do not have to subscribe to the magazine in order to be featured in it, but we would ask you to consider that no other erotica magazine published in the UK has introduced more new and emerging talents than JADE, or has adopted the mature stance that we have in regard to advertising and editorial padding. We therefore ask for your support to ensure that the magazine flourishes and that there will always be a place for high quality, fresh, new and exciting erotica from around the world. In subscribing to JADE you ensure its future and the introduction of new talents to a wider audience worldwide. If you subscribe as an erotic artist you gain automatic membership to The Erotic Art Society of which JADE is the home.



We advise all potential contributors to read the following information regarding submissions to the magazine. All potential contributors should be aware from the outset that we do not offer payment for submissions or payment on publication, neither do we charge contributors for publication. All material submitted for publication is accepted on the basis of ‘publication free of restraint’ - this means the publisher has the right to edit any work submitted (including cropping and masking images and to edit or alter texts, features, articles and stories), and to publish submitted material in JADE magazine and any other JADE related media (being media that carries the JADE name, brand, logo etc.) such as electronic media (for example - but not exclusive to - e-books and e-reader style downloads etc). Submission to JADE confers implicit consent of the contributor to these general terms and conditions. Submission for publication provides JADE with reproduction/publishing rights and permissions on the terms and conditions stated previously, but does not transfer copyright ownership of the contributor’s work to JADE or Great Northern Publishing. The contribution of material to JADE is not ‘exclusive’ and contributors are still free to submit and publish the submitted material elsewhere without restraint.

Terms & Conditions updated: 01.08.2017


JADE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - We are no longer accepting submissions.

Submission guidelines for photographers and artists are available by clicking the download link below for a PDF version of our information for submissions - these guidelines are now published in each issue of the magzine as well.

Download  JADE Submission Guidelines


The magazine is ALWAYS seeking talented photographers, artists, models, sculptors and writers from all over the world with erotic, fine art, fetish, glamour and adult images who are looking to promote themselves and their work to a wider audience. You do not have to be a professional to make a contribution to the magazine.

Please bear in mind that the magazine is erotic in nature and that we are not seeking ‘illegal’ material (see previous statement). Everything else is considered for publication on its erotic merits. Changes in the UK, as a result of the European Union’s Human Rights legislation, now allow for far greater flexibility and more wide-ranging freedom of expression with regard to erotica and sexually explicit material and content - and yes, it is now legal to show an erect penis for all those who were wondering.

If in any doubt, or for further information and advice, please contact us prior to submitting material. Our full contact details can be found on our 'Contacts' page.



If you have a website and would like us to view your work on-line, please email us the website address and we will try to get back to you within 48 hours. If you do not have a website and would still like us to consider your work, please contact us to find the best way to send samples to us.

Potential contributors outside the UK please note, it is not important that you speak or write English well, so please don’t let that put you off or be a barrier to your considering submitting work to the magazine - we would like to hear from you.

Our full contact details can be found on our 'Contacts' page.



The magazine welcomes story and article contributions from writers on all erotic subjects and themes (new fiction needs to be of a high quality at this time for us to consider it).

We look for men and women who can write well, although erotic content is more important than the ability to be able to use correct grammar and spelling etc., as this can be edited in-house. ALL material is subject to editorial control.

Story submissions range from 300 words (filler) to 6,000 words (full feature).

We also feature articles about the erotic and erotica and welcome suggestions and ideas for such articles from potential contributors both in the UK and overseas - we are determined to expand this section of the magazine, so if you can write well on a given subject or have views and opinions on erotica (or erotica related topics) then please discuss your ideas with us. We urge potential contributors to study the style and tone of the magazine before submission.



We no longer accept any unsolicited material, be it text or image, as email attachments from potential contributors unless previously agreed by us.

ALL material to be considered for submission should be sent via regular mail, on a PC (not Apple Mac) formatted CD-ROM, or as a print or hard copy.

Samples can be sent as email attachments, provided you send an introductory email first so we are aware samples are coming.

Our main mailing address for samples of your work is given at the foot of the page. If you are in any doubt or have questions please email the editor. Our full contact details can be found on our 'Contacts' page.



We now place links to contributors on our main links page when requested (we do not use banners on this site) - we also check links each month to contributors' websites. However, these links are removed one month after publication if no reciprocal link to JADE is placed on the contributor's website. To ensure the links remain to your site, please create a link to JADE - it is greatly appreciated and allows us all to promote one another.



Potential contributors should be aware that we do NOT take your copyright - your copyright belongs to you at all times. (However, you are advised to read carefully the Important Notes, Terms & Conditions for Potential Contributors at the top of this page as they regard to reproduction and publishing rights.)

We endeavour to ensure that your work is protected by producing copy and print protected, password protected PDF file magazines (using 40 bit encryption). Contributors should, however, be aware that it is almost impossible to prevent printing of files where a determined or knowledgeable person can circumvent the Adobe security we use by using other software or methods. As with any media which is in the public domain, all work is at potential risk of printing/copying and although we do all we reasonably can to prevent this, we accept no liability whatsoever for actions taken by any third parties or persons which breaches copyrights.

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