~ MAY 2002 TO MARCH 2018 ~
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The JADE pages are intended for mature adult viewing only. If you are under 18,
or are easily shocked or offended by material of an erotic or sensual nature, please leave now.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the nature of JADE magazine and the method of delivery (download) we DO NOT offer any refunds regardless of the reasons given. Order only if you are sure you want to receive the magazine and have successfully downloaded and opened the sample test file, or previous copies.

ALL UK AND OVERSEAS ORDERS: JADE can now be ordered by post and paid for by cheque (drawn against a British bank), cash or money order, please click on the button on the right to open and print an order form. If you wish to pay by credit or debit card please contact us using the email below and then respond to our Great Northern Publishing 'invoice' email and follow the instructions.

SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS: no longer available.

Special note: Please read the information below carefully before placing an order.


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Click to open an order form for ordering back issues you can print and mail to us.



JADE was an uncensored, high resolution, PDF magazine published monthly and was only available for download by subscribers and contributors. It was accessed by a monthly password. Each issue was published on the 3rd day of each month, barring any technical difficulties with the site or server. Contents of the back issues can be seen on the 'Back Issues Contents' page (click the 'contents' link below each cover to see a low resolution pdf of the contents for that issue. Visit our Back Issues page for details of available back issues.

Please be advised that the high resolution file sizes are large - between 25mb and 100mb in size - and even on broadband may take a short while to download depending on your connection speed.

New readers are required to have downloaded the Sample Test Download. This is not required for those readers reordering. New readers are also required to agree to our terms and conditions (see below) - placing an order shows acknowledgement and agreement to those terms and conditions and that you have successfully downloaded and opened the test file.


are no longer available.

To order back issues please
visit our back issues page.


If you have not downloaded the sample test file, please do it now before ordering by clicking on the button below. There are no refunds for this item once an order has been placed.

To pay by credit or debit card please email us asking to order and we will send you an 'Invoice' email.

To pay by cheque (in the UK only) please use the 'Order by Post' button at the top of this page, print off the form and send it to us with your payment.


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I confirm I am over 18 years of age and understand the uncensored adult content of the magazine. I further confirm that the magazine is for my own personal use and will not be shown to minors or third parties and that I am responsible for the security of the magazine and my password once it has been downloaded to my computer. I undertake not to breach the magazine’s copyright, neither will I copy, print or otherwise disseminate in any form the magazine or any of its contents. I confirm I have successfully downloaded and opened the JADE-pdf Sample Test File and now wish to proceed with my order. I fully understand that once ordered there are no refunds for this item under any circumstances and that by placing an order I agree to these terms and conditions.
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