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The JADE pages are intended for mature adult viewing only. If you are under 18,
or are easily shocked or offended by material of an erotic or sensual nature, please leave now.



JADE exists to promote and foster new and established talent from the erotic art world. The ethos of the magazine is to present to a wider, mature and appreciative audience both new and established talents in the world of erotica for the pleasure and enjoyment of both men and women.

JADE is NOT a 'lads' jerk-off magazine' - the magazine sets out to present written, photographic and artistic erotica and the human form in a genuine and sensual manner which appeals to mature men and women, across a wide range of genres and themes and in an adult manner.

JADE is a monthly celebration of male and female eroticism and we have, from our very first issue, taken the editorial decision NOT to include irrelevant articles, advice columns or other off-topic editorial material. Advertising space, too, is kept to an absolute minimum and is discreetly confined to the 'back pages' of each issue and not scattered through the magazine - although advert/promotional space is given to members of the Guild of Erotic Artists as part of our commitment to their work.

It is our goal, and that of our very talented contributors, to ensure our readers are given a truly sensual experience as they are taken on a fresh, unhurried and pleasurably erotic journey through each issue.



JADE was launched in 2001 as a printed publication and is the only erotica magazine published in the UK (by a small, fully independent publisher) to be awarded membership of The Guild of Erotic Artists. It has consistently improved, moving from 48 pages when it began to 76 pages in 2007.

JADE has become the leading erotica-only magazine (free of reams of specious advertising) published within the UK and has established itself as the magazine of choice for intelligent and mature readers, both men and women, seeking genuine erotic content rather than porn and wall-to-wall sex adverts.

In April 2008, at the start of its 7th year, JADE moved to a monthly, full colour, high resolution, 80+page (normally over 100 pages per issues), PDF download format and the printed version ceased production after 40 issues.

IN April 2013 the magazine introduced a special 'Hardcore Erotica' section in response to requests from readers and in 2014 this doubled in size. The harder images are kept at the back of the magazine so those who do not wish to view harder material do not need to read through it to pass on to the next feature or article.

In April 2015 JADE became the 'official' magazine of the Guild of Erotic Artists, with all subscription and back issue sales going to the Guild to promote and further its work in the erotic art genre.



Alongside our erotic literature we present galleries of sensual images from many of the most talented male and female photographers and artists in the world today, including members of the Guild of Erotic Artists who have members in all disciplines around the world.

The erotica published in JADE encompasses all genres and types of photography, art and literature from solo males and females, male/female, female/female, group, male/male, through to gothic, fetish, bondage, retro, bizarre and everything in between in what is often described as both 'soft' and 'hard core'.

JADE does NOT publish off-subject features (such as lifestyle articles about cars or sport or fashion), however, we do include various articles about and concerning erotica and the erotic. Contributions for these slots are most welcome.

The magazine has a minimal advertising policy and you will never see things such as telephone sex adverts inside JADE - the magazine only presents cover-to-cover erotica. Visit the 'Comments and Reviews' page to see what other lovers of fine erotica have to say about the magazine - you may soon be adding your voice to theirs.

From issue 13 (August 2004) we began publishing the 'JADE Directory' - a listing of website and contact details of photographers, artists, models, sculptors and writers. Entry to this directory is FREE to those photographers, artists, models, sculptors and writers who are subscribers to the magazine and certain categories of Guild membership and to each issue's contributors. Please contact us for further details.



JADE is published monthly and is ONLY available by subscription as a high resolution full colour PDF download, accessed by unique password. It is not a ‘mass-market’ publication and is not available in the shops or from third parties. The magazine is high resolution, full colour (except where black and white images are supplied by contributors), and features erotic fiction, personal stories (fact and fiction), confessions and memoirs, erotic, nude, glamour, fetish, hardcore and fine art photography, and illustrations from men and women on all adult themes of an erotic and sensual nature.

Each issue typically features the work of 5 photographers/artists and 5 writers, along with JADE features, various articles on erotic subjects, a comprehensive monthly round-up of news from the Guild of Erotic Artists, and the JADE Directory.

All subscriber versions of the magazine incorporate copy and print protection, so you will be unable to copy or print the magazine in its final format. This is to prevent copyright infringement of contributors' work.

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