~ MAY 2002 TO MARCH 2018 ~

Publication ceased in March 2018

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The JADE pages are intended for mature adult viewing only. If you are under 18,
or are easily shocked or offended by material of an erotic or sensual nature, please leave now.


JADE launched in May 2002 as a printed publication and was the only erotica magazine published in the UK (by a small, fully independent publisher) to be awarded membership of both The Guild of Erotic Artists and the Association of Erotic Artists. It consistently improved, moving from 48 pages when it began to 76 pages in 2007 and boasting over 100 pages per issue after this. It became the leading erotica-only magazine (free of reams of specious advertising) published within the UK and established itself as the magazine of choice for intelligent and mature readers, seeking genuine erotic content rather than porn and wall-to-wall sex adverts. In April 2008, at the start of its 7th year, JADE moved to a monthly, full colour, high resolution, PDF download format and the printed version ceased production after 40 issues. In April 2013 the magazine introduced a 'Hardcore Erotica' section in response to requests from readers and in 2014 this doubled in size. In April 2015 JADE became the 'official' magazine of the Guild of Erotic Artists. However in the summer of 2017 the Guild ceased and JADE returned to being an independent magazine and the home of newly formed Erotic Art Society. However, financial constraints and a falling readership saw the magazine produce its final three volume issue - a whopping 600 plus pages reprising the last 17 years - in March 2018. Publication has now ceased.

Any former contributors wishing to obtain digital back issues should contact the former editor by email using the details on the Contacts page. All other JADE material has now been removed from this website.



Erotic: from Eros the Greek love god, identified by the Romans with Cupid.
Erotic: pertaining to or arousing sexual desire; amatory; amorous.
Erotic: a person who is particularly susceptible to sexual arousal; an amatory poem or composition.
Erotica: erotic literature.
Eroticism: amorous temperament or habit; erotism.
Eroticise: to make erotic; to arouse sexually.
Erotism: sexual desire; the manifestations of sex in its widest application.
Erotogenous: producing erotic desire or gratification.
Erotomania: strong sexual passion.

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